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Feeling lost about your internet marketing? It's time to do something about that, and we're here to help.
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Work Closer

Since you're online, local searches will discover you more frequently.

Charge Premiuns

Charge Premium

A well-structure online presence, justifies higher prices.

Show Your Best

Controlling what to show online, you can show only your best!

Consistent Online Marketing


While you work, we also work filling up the gaps for consistent online marketing.

Pro Tools

Spend to get pro tools or spend to get pros using pro tools for your business.

Focused Business Marketing

Free Consultation

Get a free strategy session here!

Are you online?

We create, upgrade and optimize small businesses online. A true online presence is a foundation for growth. If no one finds you, they will never know your business.

How much time to invest?

No matter what you do, with no time and dedication online, you will never know your business’ potential. This is our full-time job!

Waiting For Referrals?

Referrals are our #1 method for businesses, but waiting for them won’t help you grow. Positioning in the right place online, with the right strategy will! It has worked for many clients, why it wouldn’t for you?

Scared to Burn Off Money?

Without a solid marketing strategy, dealing with loose pieces can burn more time and money than you can notice. We offer experience and expertise.

Local Business Solution

Different Solutions For Different Clients

Investing your time or money trying to cover everything will not help your business growth. It’s discouraging.

We work with customized strategies and budgets for each business. An online marketing that works!

The Question is... Is Your Business Online?

Why would you close this door, while many of your competitors are opening it?
  • Search Engine Optimization

    We will evaluate online errors and immediate changes your business needs online.

  • UI Design

    Poor designed online presence is bad for local businesses. We're on it!

  • Focusing on Necessity

    If your online presence is well built and well ranked, we won't offer our services!

  • Affordable Prices

    Get a free invitation to discuss your company's online presence and pricing for our work.

Channels & Tools For
Your Success

Here are some key tools and websites we use to enhance your online presence.

About Being Online

The first objective is to always work legitimately online. Companies that are investing in this reality are benefiting in the short and long run.

Fblinking is a Brazilian internet marketing agency that deals with the online side of things for small businesses.


We Create Websites

Your Business Central

Social Media

Social Media Management

Social Medias with purpose

Competitor Research

Competitors Research

We can see beyond!

Google Registration

Google Ranking

Show up in Google searches

How big is your business?

Internet Marketing Services

Thinking Fblinking

It all begins when you contact us, then we will get the received information to do and online research about your company to see what strategy is better, so we can offer to work with you. In case we feel you don’t need our help, we will just say it.

Our charges are based on three phases.

  1. Creation/Optimization of online presence
  2. On going maintenance and analyzes
  3. Paid Ads


Each of theses steps may have a different pricing based on difficult and opportunity for businesses.

There are 2 ways you can find out. One is the increase of leads by calls, or from online contact through forms.

The other way is through reports, which shows exactly differences from before and after.

There’s no risk! As we charge per phases, you will always be backed up by our work, and frankly, there are so many bad online presences from other business, that you might gain quick wins just by starting right.

They could be, but at the same time, they might take longer depending on how well your competitors are positioned.

No all businesses are doing online marketing, or at least not correctly. The ones that are, will be your real competitors.

We have strongly covered services industry, but in reality any small business is welcome.

Yes, we offer timely contract basis, but we also offer non-time-basis services. Contracts are always used for the guarantee of services deliverance, as well as commitment from us and our client’s.