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About our company!

Prepared for this moment

We are proud to say that our company was officialized in 2020! This means two things:

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In a year such as 2020, companies who weren’t serious or couldn’t really offer valuable services wouldn’t last. We helped many business owners during difficult times with incredible prices and options to position their companies online. Even a couple companies that had not even started, are up and running today because they believed it!

Everything has changed drastically, from search engines, to websites technologies, forcing experienced professionals to review and re-learn mostly everything. We are ready to deal with the newest technology and systems currently available on the market, because we were born from these changes.

We are always anxious to help!

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Our History

When Fblinking name was created in 2012, we were targeting to connect businesses networks, offering IT solution services. After few years assisting with networks, servers, routers and VPN connections, we started to perfect for web development solutions. Soon we understood the power of marketing and how it could maximize businesses efforts!

Our Goal

As part of our goal, we want to help companies willing to grow, ready to move on to the next step.  Some of the companies we have assisted, have become partners, receiving dedicated assistance and helping organizing inside and out their businesses.

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